Disney is the kind of place that demands time, a lot of time. You can’t hope to do a trip with any amount of satisfaction in just a few hours here. While the theme park is wonderful, equally wonderful are the many options to stay available in the vicinity of the park and the other attractions of Orlando. More and more people are choosing to go in for vacation rentals and it is not hard to see why.

  1. Added attractions- while Disney is wonderful, it’s possible that you want to do more on your holiday. Hotels don’t give you those options but vacation rentals in Orlando do. For example, Reunion Resort is known for its superlative golfing experience that can provide days of entertainment and practice. Encore Resort is often considered to be the best place to stay in when you travel in a group and as such has activities and facilities tuned to this. Rentals allow you to do more than visit theme parks- you can also work on other things, from golf games to rejuvenation.
  2. Proximity- if you’re choosing a place to stay, you want it to be as close to the theme park as possible. This way you don’t spend time and effort getting there, braving traffic and people. Most rentals pride themselves on their location and are situated close to Disney and other attractions, including SeaWorld. What’s more, you can use their shuttle services to get around as well, giving your driving days a bit of a break.
  3. Food choices- while hotels come equipped with restaurants, sometimes even award-winning ones, rentals come with an added attraction-a kitchen. When you’re on holiday, you may not make it back in time for meals and food. You might pick up some of the delicious food on offer at Disney and at other places in Orlando. Sometimes, the kids may want something that’s not on the menu. You can tackle all this with a kitchen of your own. Whether you use it to just heat up food or to cook up a storm is left completely to you. The fact that you can do it is a good reason to choose a vacation rental. Which hotel lets you cook in the room?
  4. Numbers- sure, you can book as many rooms as you’d like in the hotel but the point of a holiday is to spend time together, extending the day well into the night. You need a space large enough to do it. Encore Resort is not the only place where you can do this. Most rentals welcome large groups of people to stay on the property. This means you can make full use of the amenities at hand.
  5. Privacy- whether you want to sunbathe, swim or soak in the Jacuzzi, enjoy a quiet meal with your partner or family, the rental villa offers you something a hotel never could- space and privacy. Most rentals come with impressive pools and sports options and whatever you want to do, away from people jostling for space or for their chance. Privacy cannot be experienced in hotels that can get quite crowded during the tourist season.
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