They say that canyoning is one of the oldest adrenaline activities in the world. You do not need any previous experience for canyoning. Regardless of your fitness level, you can enjoy this extremely exhilarating experience. Children can go too. Canyoning Bovec with Altitude activities is a combination of hiking and canyoning along a beautiful hidden corner of Slovenia. An easy hike, which takes about 45 min, will take us to the entry of the canyon. And then we will just relax and enjoy. Canyoning Bovec is one of the most popular activities that our guests choose. And it is not just canyoning, our guides are fantastic too. They are all experts in their field, they have a lot of experience, and you can trust them 100 %.

Discover hidden spots of our beautiful country

Canyoning Bovec is a very picturesque and unforgettable experience. Abseil, jump, and slide down the breathtaking steep canyon and waterfalls into clear, cold Alpine water. Canyoning Bovec is great fun, it is like a natural water park with water carved slides, pools, jumps, and some abseiling. Accompanied by our guides, you will follow the crystal clear Kozjak stream, its natural rocky slides, pools, jumps, and most beautiful surroundings you can hardly imagine. Canyoning Bovec offers a view that you will not experience every day. You discover the most beautiful hidden places during canyoning.

Are you still not convinced?

Canyoning Bovec with Altitude adventures is crazy fun and suitable for anyone who is taller than 120 cm, so after about 10 years of age. It is an exciting activity, a great, wet fun. When you are deep down in a gorge where the sun rays rarely reach, you can discover some of the most amazing animal species and rock forms that were shaped by water over thousands of years.

Come canyoning Bovec with us, it is going to be spectacular.

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