Being a foodie is a great thing, where most people would love to taste different varieties of food. Apart from tasting different types of food people would try out several restaurants to taste out many flavors in their taste buds. Usually, whenever people search for restaurants or hotels they initially search in local areas and look on to their reviews and the best dishes offered there. What if the case a restaurant or hotel offers special foods on daily basis along with offers and traditional dishes? This sounds like a doubt but to the people’s surprise, there are hotels still available nearer to your location that provide a better food menu. The best example would be in Minneapolis, if you are in south Minneapolis you can experience a better serving at harrietsinn. Many of you can think why this Harriet’s Inn hotel remains best? it is mainly because they hold many years of experience and customers are offered with 60 different variety of food menu including their signature items such as

  • Lucys
  • Pub pot pies
  • Special burgers
  • Pub tacos
  • Fresh salads

And still, the list goes on increasing based on the flavors and choice of food menu either fries or stuffed or tacos in sign foods.

Hotel daily special foods:

However Harriet’s inn holds their standards in all things, they are highly famous for their special foods. In Harriet’s Inn hotel daily lunch and dinner specials keeps on changing on a daily basis, however, the hotel is daily special has dined and the weekend is fame for special lunch varieties burgers and fries included along with cheese. Apart from these special food lists on Monday Burger and fries, Tuesday Tacos are special it may be either with beef, veggie or pork, on Wednesday lucy burgers on Thursday classic American lucy with fries and Friday fish fry. Thus all these food items are daily special that would make you hunger with their taste, texture, and aroma.

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