Found in southern Transylvania, Sibiu is a city that demands to be experienced. The town has several passages, stairways, and intertwining alleys that make it simple, getting around into the journey of making discoveries.

There is no better time to book yourself a ticket than now and enjoy the beauty of this place. Let’s look at the best things that you can do on your visit to Sibiu.

Explore the squares

This is one of the most important places you cannot miss on your visit. The site reunites most of the historical monuments from the old part of Sibiu. They are packed with restaurants, the rooms for main events of the city well decorated.

Visit at least one museum

Tours in Sibiu cannot be complete without visiting the museums. It has one of the largest open-air exhibitions in the country and also the oldest museum in Romania. If you are a real art enthusiast, the place gives you all you need.

Visit the churches

 Sibiu offers you the chance to see the significant three churches of different revelations all of them being a symbol of the diverse heritage of the region. This church is a rich collection of impressive interiors and precious objects. You can also go up the tower and have a view of the beauty of the city.

Explore the old towers and fortifications

When you explore the council towers, you can have a higher view of the city. Although built in the 14th century for defensive purposes. It has beautiful decorations that have been modified, making it one place to visit.

Walk on the Bridge of Lies

Have a walk on the bridge of Lies while enjoying the beauty of the city. The deck has many legends, and the most famous say that it will collapse when you are standing on it and telling lies. You can have a glimpse of the beauty of the city around the place.

Off the beaten track on old streets

Exploring some of the oldest streets in the city should be one thing that you should not miss on your tours in Sibiu.  The place has plenty of photogenic attractions, and for the photo, lovers carry your camera with you while touring.

Plan a cultural visit

Being one of the states with the busy cultural calendars in Romania visits the place during this season and enjoy the festivals, fairs, and exhibitions. One valuable time to visit is in June when there is the International Theatre Festival.

Try local gastronomy

  Being a diverse heritage of delicious food and mouth-watering delight, visiting Sibiu is not an exception. The local gastronomy was deeply influenced along time by the Hungarians and Saxons, and this makes it a must-try of any trip here. You can enjoy all the top dishes here.

Go outside Sibiu

When you need further exploration of the natural and cultural attractions around Sibiu, consider extending your visit. You can enjoy the vibrant ethnographic villages, visit the fortified churches, and go hiking and nature trips in Forages Mountains.

Check the Christmas market

From November to December 26th, you can have fun to the fullest. In addition to the themed decorations and the traditional Christmas sales, you can be entertained by concerts and lots of family fun.


Enjoy your holiday in Sibiu, the magical place you will need to see every time you are in Romania. I hope our guide will aid you when you plan to visit.

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