Many people leaves their homes to go hiking for different reasons. While on the trail, you will expect to meets different people some of whom you will get a chance to interact with. Below are some types of hikers who you might meet along trails;

The Healthy Hiker

This hiker started hitting the trail as a regular exercise and then with time he realized that hiking doesn’t only make them physically fit but also helps them mentally and emotionally.  They have noticed that they are actually losing weight (which was the main reason to start hiking). They start eating healthy because they don’t want to eat fast food after moving for all those miles and burning good amounts of calories. They are impressed by what hiking has done to their body and are looking forward to hiking for more years.

The Social Hiker

These like hiking in a group because they are social people. They always check their social media calendars to check for upcoming hiking events and know who is going to hike. They love hiking and also enjoy interacting with other hikers and sharing the experience of being outdoors. They always pack extra snacks because they are good people.

The Summit Hiker

These aim for the peak, they measure the success of the hike on their ability to reach the top. This hiker tends to rush ahead of the pack and might enjoy doing solo hikes more so that they don’t have to be part of the group. The Summit Hiker’s ego sometimes gets the better of them and gets temperamental when they have to turn back due to weather. They like to keep their eye on the prize and take gorgeous summit photos with the signs on top of the mountain and markers.

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The Shopaholic Hiker

This hiker likes buying hiking gear and its now like an addiction. They love to match their hiking outfits to their packs, even coordinating socks and jackets. They are always looking for the next upgrade of hiking gear and can’t wait for the next sale. There’s no shame in having the best, lightest gear when you’re on the trail as long as it’s what they paid for.

The Photo Hiker

The photo hiker always carry the best cameras and make sure their memories are safely stored in their camera. They are always running a little behind because they’re taking in the scenery and making sure to get photos of everything. They take a lot of selfies and photos with all the signs along the trail, group photos and action photos. They often move with a selfie stick, full DSLR-equipped, and even a tripod and remote control. They always have the best scenic photos of the places they have hikes and are so good to post on face book and Instagram.

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