Many travelers to Africa today are planning their adventures and taking self guided adventures! It has indeed become so famous around the world that one can rent a car for a self guided vacation whether within the same country or on a foreign vacation. The African continent has many attractive destinations that cannot be accessed by the public means but only by the rental car. In addition as more innovations are coming to Africa, in some countries it is easy to take a self guided trips. Furthermore the vacationers always want something stress free and hassle free on their holidays and thus hiring a car as a transport means can fulfill their interests.

However for first time travelers, I advise against traveling using self drive and therefore you should consider taking a guided trip or hire a car with a driver. This is due to some reasons;

  1. Driving in Africa is quite different from Europe or America. Drivers have to hassle through traffic jam in cities and the behaviour of African drivers is quite different!
  2. Within some countries the roads are poorly maintained and therefore need an experienced driver who is used to such road conditions.
  3. Within most countries, you do not need to rely on GPS like you do in Europe or USA. Many important places including hotels, safari lodges and even some roads are missing on both Garmin and Tom Tom maps, the most common East African maps!

How to Choose a Rental Car

Use a Known Car Rental Agency

Car rental is a very benefiting travel means to travelers most especially those looking to budget travel. However your safety depends on the best choice of a rental car! Therefore when choosing a rental car, one has to be careful and here are some useful things to consider!

There are several car rental companies in some countries but some of them are not competent to offer a trouble free service. There fore to have a memorable voyage you should consider hiring a car from a recommended car hire agency that can benefit you with  convenience and safety throughout your trip!


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