The lengthy flight times to long haul destinations usually tempt travellers into booking two week stays. When you’re used to package holidays to Lanzarote and other European hot spots, cheap Florida holidays are definitely a world away from the norm.

2013 cheap Florida holidays are selling out fast; long haul breaks book up well in advance of short haul stints. If you’re tempted to secure your place on the trip of a lifetime but haven’t the budget to blow on a Floridian fortnight, then question of the moment is – can Orlando be done in a week?

To set the scene, the attractions and entertainment in Florida are like nothing you have experienced before. Bigger, better and brimming with brilliance, the parks, customer service and attention to detail in Orlando falls second to no other.

As a traveller, if you enjoy exploring the intricacies of your resort, discovering all aspects of the area in detail, a week in Florida won’t satisfy your needs. Ideally, to ‘do the parks’ at your leisure and make the most of the evening entertainment on offer, a minimum of 11 nights is required.

If you’re willing to be selective about where you visit and are happy to trek tirelessly for the duration of your stay, your week in Orlando could be the most amazing time of your life.

Be sure to spend a day riding the movies at Universal Studios and dedicate the same amount of time to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

A day each at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom are also needed.  Choose 24 hours in between all the attraction madness to spend a calmer day at SeaWorld.

Although you may not have time to spend splashing around at the waterparks or venturing to Busch Gardens, seven day cheap Florida holidays are still the getaways that dreams are made of.

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