Here are some to tips to help you fight sea sickness during your next diving attempt in Sri Lanka.

Pop a pill. All the pills are about the equivalent in adequacy and reactions. However, in case that one of them—Dramamine, Bonine, Marazine, and so forth.— appear to work preferable for you over the others, stay with it. The misleading impact is extremely strong with nausea.

Begin taking pills early. Pills are preferable anticipation over treatment. After you feel giddy, it might be past the point of no return for pills to help, so start 12 to 24 hours before going to the sea. This develops a degree of the medication in your body.

Attempt the fix … Scopolamine patches work superior to pills and have less reactions for a great many people. They are accessible by specialist’s prescription.

Or then again the groups. A few people like “Ocean Bands.” They are wrist trinkets with dabs that purportedly contact pressure point massage on your wrist. They have never been demonstrated to be successful, yet a few people depend on them.

Greater is better. Greater, and particularly more extensive, boats have a slower move than littler ones.

Remain at the deck. It assists with having the option to see the skyline, conceivably in light of the fact that your eyes at that point concur with what your ears are stating—that your body is shaking and pitching. One hypothesis is that sickness is brought about by messages when, underneath decks, your eyes report that everything is stationary.

Try not to attempt to read. Concentrating your eyes on an obviously stationary objective makes them considerably convinced that your ears aren’t right.

Close your eyes in the event that you should go underneath. You may need to go underneath and lie down, in which case you should close your eyes so they aren’t giving a no-movement message to your brain.

Be sober and calm. Indeed, even a gentle headache can without much of a stretch deteriorate into nausea, other than expanding different dangers. Similarly, weakness inclines you to nausea.

Eat something. Feelings change on this one, however a great many people feel better with a little flat food on their stomachs. Bread, bagels, sandwiches, and so forth are superior to eggs and bacon. Coffee and squeezed orange are acidic and may disturb your stomach. Eat a little, not a ton.

Unwind. Tension adds to nausea. The individuals who are terrified by the sea and the movement of the boat, or are stressed about the making a dive later in the day, are bound to get nauseous.

Look for symptoms. Early signs are chills, cerebral pain, and successive burping. Right now is an ideal opportunity to go at hand, or move to the lee rail in case you’re as of now there.

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