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Recently, we have posted an article that tackles about the different types of visas and the countries that do require and do not require a visa. In our endless quest to make your international travel more convenient, today we will feature a very useful site called VisaMapper. This site can tell whether or not the country you will be travelling to needs a visa. Yes, this site is practical!


Among hundreds of sites in the virtual world, VisaMapper has the most user-friendly interface. Every piece of information you will need is presented right at its home page. This means you do not have to click many buttons to get what you want. Furthermore, unlike other sites, VisaMapper does not show deceiving advertisements.

At the topmost part of the site’s home page shows “I am a citizen of” and a drop-down menu. Here, you will choose what country you are a citizen of and the site will immediately tell you which countries do and do not require a visa.

Basing on your citizenship, the interactive world map of the site will tell you the visa requirements of every country. Looking at the image, you will notice that VisaMapper follows a color scheme:

▪ Countries that require a visa prior to arrival are colored maroon (although the color appears to be violet).

▪ Countries that do not require a visa prior to arrival are colored light green.

▪ Countries that have visas available upon arrival are colored dark green.

▪ Countries that require online visa application are colored cream.

▪ Countries where travel is restricted and/or forbidden are colored red.

▪ The country colored blue is the country of citizenship.

VisaMapper collects information via crowd sourcing. This means that a visitor is allowed to input data in the site. This is why there are some countries that are colored black. It signifies that the data available for such countries are unclear.

For instance, if I choose Canada as the country of citizenship, then the only country that appears black is Botswana. In addition, there are two countries requiring me to process an online visa application. These are Sri Lanka and Australia.

The good thing about VisaMapper is it also allows you to view the visa requirements of other nationalities. Say for example your Vietnamese friend calls you to ask if he needs a visa to go to the US, with the help of this site you can confidently answer, “Visa is required prior to arrival”.

DISCLAIMER: Although VisaMapper is undeniably informative and useful, it should not be used as a substitute for official government websites providing the same travel information. If you are planning to go overseas, then always be knowledgeable about your destination!

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