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India is among those countries where the celebrations never stop. With a mix of people, culture, traditions and rituals matched with an urban setup developing faster than ever, there is plenty to explore here. If you love different sides of traveling, India easily is a land of experimental traveling. So, what can you do to make your stay better and happening? Hoping that you have selected the places you want to visit, check the other things that can help in better planning.

Staying at your own place

Hotels, no matter how posh or good may be, never give you the freedom to have fun with so many other guests around. The next best choice you have to is go for a flat or apartment of your own, and in most cities and town, this is the best choice, especially when you are here for a long extended vacation. There are plenty of rental websites India, where owners and property dealers list their range of flats, houses, independent villas and more, which can be checked as per the budget.

Saving on local travel

Trains and buses are basic modes of public transport, but if you are not keen on traveling in crowd, car rentals are next best option. Rental car and vehicles in India are way more affordable and cheaper in India than most other parts of the world, which means hiring a car with a driver doesn’t have to cost a bomb. You might wonder on whether you should hire a local driver, but the fact remains that many parts of the country have poor and often tricky roads along the mountains and plains alike, which calls for safe driving.

How to cover maximum places?

India is among the largest countries of the planet, and it might seem impossible to cover it all in the first trip, even if you are focusing on the tourist places alone. The best thing that you can do is hire a car and have a flat or house in one of the main cities. From there, you can take coverable distances in each trip. For example, you can base your stay in Delhi and cover places like Agra, Dalhousie or Shimla.

If planned with care and booked in advance, most things in India shouldn’t be a matter of money. Even the flights are cheaper when you book at least two to three months in advance.

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