Renting a self-drive car is prevalent in western countries, but in Rwanda, it is on the verge of gaining the limelight status. With so many cabs and taxi options available in Rwanda, people are always inclined towards choosing a convenient choice of sitting in the back seat and enjoying the ride.

Having a vehicle offers a great opportunity for convenience when traveling around Rwanda. You can move at your own speed, stop anytime you want to take photos and enjoy the amazing scenery and still, you can reach to different places that can’t be accessed by public transport.

Rwanda is ranked as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Africa due to its spectacular rolling hills and endowed cultures. Though the terrific 1994 Rwanda genocide could have had its own impacts in this remarkable country for a period of time, it was able to get out of this drama till some positive impact was realized and today, it features as one of the safest and most remarkable tourist sites that Africa offers to the world travelers. Depending on what your travel interests are in Africa bit guided safaris, self-drive adventures, you will certainly realize that comfort when you hire one of our car rentals for your safaris in Rwanda.

Be that as it may, putting these things in mind before hiring a self-drive car in Rwanda will save you a lot of money, time, and even a big travel headache.

Choosing a Company

The growth of self-drive safaris in Rwanda has led to the establishment of different local car rental companies in the country in addition to the well-known international companies in the country like Rwanda car rental.

During the planning phase of a self-drive safari to Rwanda, you need to reserve your 4×4 rental car in advance so that you can get enough time to compare the prices for a great deal. It takes time to compare the prices from different agencies and prices can vary depending on the season you renting the car, the rental duration, promotional offers, and the company you hiring from.

Reviews about the self-drive car company

Why not browse the internet and look for some reliable car rentals company before finalizing one? Car rentals market is expanding with more and more adding to the list. However, if you look at the reliability, not all car rental companies are maintaining a high-level quality. Looking for reviews and ratings before booking one is essential. You can even enquire with your friends who often hire a car for their weekend gateway.

Ask all the detail about the car

We positively didn’t deny on your familiarity about car models and how to drive them, but the things that you don’t know is, about the renting car’s mileage, oil levels, age of the vehicle, petrol or diesel vehicle, availability of road support, and more. Try asking questions about that particular car that you are going to rent and acquire all the required details.

Cross the border with the rental Vehicle

Some car rental agencies in Rwanda may not allow you to cross with their vehicle to other countries and some have a list of countries where their vehicles are not allowed to go and the common countries on most car rental agencies lists include; The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and others. However, the list always changes according to the company.

Make Sure you have all the papers you need to pick the car

On the day of picking the car from the car rental agency, they will ask for your driving permit and any other means of identification from your country of origin.

Having an international driving permit/license doesn’t mean that you should not carry your driver’s license or passport, the international driver’s license is just a supplement to the passport and the driving permit this means you should have both of them.

That means your passport, driver’s license are the common documents you need to be with when going to pick up the vehicle from the car rental agency and even if you requested the car rental agency to deliver the vehicle to your hotel, the agent will need to see them before he gives you the car keys.

Read the contract thoroughly before you sign

Don’t go easy on this part. You need to study the fine prints of terms and conditions also analyze their tariffs then choose. Some companies renting a self-drive car rental by limiting the kilometers according to the number of days you are renting. Some might ask for security or caution deposit and some come with hidden charges. It all differs according to the car renting company that you choose, so look for kilometer limit, cancellation policy, fuel charges, caution deposit, types of payment accepted, process while returning and fees for the delay, you can even check for discounts and refunds.

Take a better look at any damages

Take a walk around the car and also peep inside for any damages. You do not want to take up the responsibility of the last person’s reckless driving. Isn’t it? It is just going to take a few minutes to check the car for the damages. If you find any, ask the car rentals company to make a note of it on their paperwork. Why not click few pictures in your smartphone to have evidence? It helps you when you are surrendering the car and if your rental company is charging for the damage. 

Check for the Fuel levels

The car rentals companies deliver the car with a full tank fuel. However, while collecting the keys, ensure the fuel levels to verify whether it is on a full tank.  Some companies offer, with or without fuel package whereas some covers the fuel cost in rental charges. Whatever be the package you are using, it is better to check by yourself the fuel levels to avoid any hiccups while returning the vehicle.


Putting all these points in mind before you hire a vehicle for self-drive in Rwanda, you will be sure of having a successful and amazing road trip in Tanzania national parks. Now that you have acquired a clear understanding of things to check before renting a self-drive car in Rwanda


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