Camping Safaris in Africa are a fantastic way to explore and see the continent   in a cost friendly but amazing way. It doesn’t only apply for budget Africa holidays but it so does for luxury safaris in Africa. Better to spend much time camping and exploring multiple destinations at very reasonable costs than spending a fortune on just a mere vacation holiday. Africa has several countries but camping safaris are fun in countries like, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia among others. Camping safaris to Africa are a great way to explore Africa.

Take advantage of your time on vacation every day. Each safari is led by a professional guide, who also acts as your driver. Most used camping equipments include sleeping bags or bedding, mattress, food items, camping chairs but bathroom facilities are usually basic and shared with hot water available at time of taking a shower. Transport to carry all the camping equipments is in a private safari vehicle hired or provided by the tour organizing expert.

Kenya Camping safaris

The joy of Kenya holidays lies partially in Camping safaris from the dramatic savannahs, plains, rolling hills and the beautiful wildlife. Experience Kenya in all its glory through camping and the beautiful sky will bring closer all the wildlife and rich unique cultures especially if its Masai Mara game reserves adventure. Camping trips make it easy to capture impressive wildlife moments and photo shoots during day and night of amazing animals in the park. Best of all, the all Kenya camping safaris cost include all best safari moments just like any other all day and night and if experienced in Masai Mara ,Kenya’s most highly  regarded wildlife safari spot , you will never regret. The park is located in the famous migration of wildebeest crossing across Serengeti plains that occur every year. If you are a first time visitor in Kenya, its an ideal park since it has everything for everyone including plenty of wildlife, accommodation both within and outside the reserve.

South Africa camping safaris

Experience he natural Africa bush and all its wonders and wildlife of Kruger Park and the Private Game Parks on a camping safari tour in the best of South Africa wildness. Camping experiences are found in the green wilderness of South Africa but travelers are free to transport themselves or book a tailor made full package camping safari with a recognized tour agent.However, South Africa is a year round destination with various holidays that depend on one’s interest. Game lovers shouldn’t miss out Kruger national park the best park to spot wildlife in both winter and dry months of July –December also good time to see whales Herman us. But those in love with hiking and cycling visit during cooler temperatures when the activities are fantastic. October and November best for wildflower photography.

Tanzania Camping Safaris

Do you want to experience the Wild of Africa in an authentic way? Plan for a Tanzania camping safari that is affordable, safe, memorable and pocket friendly. Spend in a tent and be close to nature, landscape and to national park biodiversity all through during your Tanzania wildlife safari holiday. Most camping safaris in Tanzania have tents set up every evening and removed in the morning by the lodge staff and driver guides. The tents are kept in the safari vehicle till evening when it will be fixed again. Get a rewarding experience by booking a Tanzania budget camping safari and enjoy a real African adventure under the guidance of a safari driver, park guides, and a chef to take care of all your eats. Don’t worry about safety while camping in the park with wild animals because the armed rangers patrol and guard the campsite all the time.

Uganda Camping Safaris

Uganda is camping paradise weather on budget or luxury vacation. You can choose between the many Uganda camping safaris options in different national parks and attraction depending on your interest of travel. Most the Uganda campsite have warm water, shared bathrooms and toilets but are ever tidy and ready for use. These campsites are highly recommended to all travellers who love nature and its surrounding. However, Uganda has other campsites with build lodge facilities to cater for those who like to stay inside lodge rooms and usually the rooms are self-contained accommodation with greater facilities from showers to toilets. If you want to combine camping and other exciting adventures it’s better to discuss in detail with your trip planer before heading to Uganda for a holiday.

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