Are you planning to travel to Saudi Arabia in near future? Are you unsure about what to carry and what things you need to check before your airplane sets off for your destination? Is this your first time to travel abroad and especially for an Umrah or Hajj? Following are some of the things you need to know and have before you begin your journey.

Do Some Homework

If you are completely alien to the land you are going to, instead of going completely blank, we would suggest you to use Google to have the basic know how about the city of Makah and Medina. This may include the information regarding the weather conditions, rain forecast, and kinds of clothes you need to keep for that particular time of year.

Know who you are traveling with

It is always amazing to be with a group of people as it adds to the experience. One learns more, gets less panic, and also enjoys better than anyone who is traveling alone. This is because traveling alone often leaves everything on your shoulders. Would you like to enjoy the journey and learn from it or spend worrying about literally everything? So, it is better to travel with acquaintances and friends.

Read about the dos and the don’ts of Ihram

Ihram is the part and parcel of both Umrah and Hajj. With that come lots of responsibility and dos and don’ts which you should know as you are an adult Muslim and normally everyone would expect you to know them.

Make a list of places you aim to visit

There are scores and scores of historically significant spots in the entire Arabian Peninsula. When you set out for this journey, make sure, other than offering your prayers in the holy mosques you also take advantage and visit the various religiously significant places. They will make the journey better and more spiritual.

Take care of Hygiene

During the process, you will have to undergo a haircut for completing the rituals. While doing that, make sure you know the barber is using hygienic utensils and is not becoming a cause of the spread of any disease. Also, for your skincare, since you need to walk a lot, you should keep a jar of petroleum jelly so that you can counter any injury or rash that you may get due to walking excessively.

Have your ways to Contact Back at Home

All of you cannot buy a native sim card from there and get it activated. All those who can’t and even those who can need to download applications like Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook so that you could call back at home free of cost.

All those looking for an Umrah packages from Pakistan need to take care of all these things. People leaving via Umrah packages from Karachi or even are going for short trips of 14 days Umrah packages from Lahore should keep all these things in mind and make the best of their journey.

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