Building a successful trade show display can pose a number of challenges. You want to create something that stands out above all the rest, yet is simple and straightforward enough so that attendees know what you’re offering at a moment’s glance.

It’s easy to let flashy style overcome substance as you plan your trade show booth, so keep that in mind as you make decisions about headlines, graphics, layouts, and so on. Simplicity is always best. Don’t worry about getting overshadowed by the complex exhibition stands surrounding you, louder is not always better.

So here are some things to consider as you start to organize and develop your display for maximum visibility and efficacy at your next trade show.

Great Graphics

This is the first thing people are going to see at your booth, so be sure that they are easy to read from anywhere in the room. Clear, simple images are the best way to convey your message to attendees. Skip the enigmatic and mysterious artwork and hard to read fonts. Too many trade show displays are confusing at first glance, intended to draw people to the booth to find out more.

Unfortunately, all it does is steer them away. People have a limited amount of time at trade shows. They need to get as much done as they can in a short period of time. If they don’t know exactly what you are representing at the show, they’re probably just going to move on to the booth that is far more self-explanatory.

Keep it Brief

Simple graphics are important, so is the headline. Keep it brief and witty. You want to reel them in with something short and sweet. If there is a long-winded commentary on the booth, you run the risk of people just moving on without stopping to read everything you’ve written.

When you keep it short, that is more likely to draw people in. Then you can give them your full pitch and engage the attendee one on one.

Another benefit of having a short and engaging headline is that you can make it appear in a larger font on your display. That will make it easier to read from across a large room. The right font is important as well, make sure it’s legible from far away. The good news is that you have a wide array of fonts and typeface from which to choose.

Stand Out from the Rest

Your exhibition booth needs to be unique. That does NOT mean it has to be complicated or even wildly expensive. But find ways to make it stand out from the other booths in the show. Designing the booth to be visually appealing and engaging is the best way to get people to walk in.

Whether you accomplish that with bold colors, interesting shapes, or other stimulating components is your choice entirely, but remember to avoid portraying a complex and confusing appearance and always remain on message with your brand. That’s paramount above all.

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