Snowmobiling in Canada

If the U.S. vast terrain has relatively diverse weather from north to south and east to west, the same cannot be said of its neighbour in the north. During Canada’s winter, there is one thing you can count on no matter what part of the country you are in – plenty of snow. If you love snowmobiles, spending time in Canada is probably the closest you will ever come to the perfect snowmobiling vacation. With the huge terrain (Canada is the world’s second largest country by area only surpassed by Russia), you will be spoilt for choice.

Here is a Look at Some of the Top Snowmobiling Destinations:

  • ClubRed Grey Bruce – This part of Ontario stretches from Beaver Valley to Owen Sound. A loyal army of volunteers helps to keep the more than 2.400 kilometres of snowmobiling trail in fairly good condition.
  • Blue River – Blue River in British Columbia is surrounded by the Monashee and Cariboo mountain ranges. It offers some of the Canadian Rockies best snow.
  • Halliburton Forest – Sitting on privately-owned land, Halliburton Forest is 270 kilometres north east of Toronto. In fact, the forest administers what is considered the world’s only privately owned snowmobiling business. There are more than 240 square kilometres of trails, ponds, lakes, forests and pristine wilderness. There are shelter cabins along the trail just in case you need to catch your breath or rest for the night.
  • Algoma Country Trail – Located along the northern edge of Ontario, this trail follows the path of traders of centuries past. Old logging and mining shafts along the trail provide a peek into the industry and lifestyle of the area’s past residents. Expect to encounter fox, rabbit, deer and plenty of other wildlife.
  • Quebec-Authentic – This vast terrain of snowmobiling tracks lies between Quebec City and Montreal. The forests, massive mountains and frozen lakes have rightfully earned Quebec-Authentic the tag ‘snowmobiling country’.
  • Lanaudiere – This trail has been a magnet for snowmobilers for more than three decades. The 2.300 kilometre long trail is lined with spectacular scenery including dense forest, frozen lakes and diverse wildlife. Its proximity to Montreal makes it convenient for travellers who do not have the luxury of doing a long commute to a snowmobile trail.
  • White-n-Wild Adventures – Lying in the iconic Canadian Rockies, White-n-Wild Adventures is near Alberta and not too far from Yoho National Park. Unlike several other snowmobiling destinations, snowmobiling at White-n-Wild are entitled to a qualified guide, top notch winter gear and a brand new skidoo.
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