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Rwenzori Mountains

Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains of Africa

Rwenzori Mountains National Park has the highest mountain ranges in Africa. Its highest point lies at 5109m above sea level on Mt Stanley’s Margherita...
Nepal Trekking

Best 5 Adventure Trips to Take in 2021

For years, adventure-travel outfitters have used so-called exploratory trips to work out kinks in new offerings. Veteran guides suss out routes, lodging options, and,...
Murchison Falls National Park

Brief Guide to Safari in Murchison Falls National Park of Uganda

Uganda is one of the wildest places you can visit. It is pretty much an undomesticated continent. Everything there is usually uncooked and the...
Olonana Bush Camp in Masai Mara

Safari in Kenya: What to See & Do

I had never really thought about visiting an African country until Greg came up with the idea after talking with friends who had done...
Great American Adventure

Travel Off the Beaten Path for a Great American Adventure

There are many American vacation destinations that are often overlooked - cities that offer wonderful sights and sounds, and even better value. When it comes...
Great Apes

Discover the World’s Great Apes

Many people around the world do not much about Rwanda other than the genocide of 1994. Nonetheless, the sad history of the genocide is...

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