No moment can bring a smile to your face, then spending personal time with your family. For having such a gleeful moment in your life, Yangon day tours create that perfect moment that will last a lifetime.

However, when it is about your family holiday, proper planning is true as everyone is of different ages so their likes and dislikes can vary. In the past, options for the family tour were limited to either adult-oriented destinations based on pilgrimages or kids-friendly adventurous fun spots. Fortunately, the travel industry has opened its gateway considering the interest of every age group and to such expectation, Yangon is a wonderland that perfectly accommodates the needs of your multi-generational family. It is a land where kids can go all crazy while cherishing the best moment of their life with you.

Whether your kids are in love with adventurous activities like splashing water, climbing, or they are a historical monuments enthusiast, Yangon day trips are sure to make your kids’ time enjoyable as well as educational. From recreational parks to historic monuments, there are plenty of kids as well as elderly-friendly places in Yangon, which make it a complete fulfilling destination for a family holiday.

  • Start with the grandeur of the Shwedagon Pagoda

The highlight of Yangon is Shwedagon Pagoda which is Myanmar’s most stunning and popular Buddhist structure. This pagoda can be seen from most of the places of Yangon in the daytime and becomes part of the beautiful skyline at night time. It is one of the oldest pagodas in the world and expected to build around some 2,600 years ago. It is the place you find in Yangon, which adds peace and purity to your heart when you see nuns and the novice monks as well as some local families providing food in the temples for the monks.

You should definitely visit here with your kids to teach them the lesson of sharing and respect for religion.

  • Enjoy the Trishaw Ride in the street of Yangon to gain unforgettable experiences

Trishaw ride is definitely a new and fun-seeking experience for your kids. They love the ride more when the trishaw driver riding along the Pansoedan street and make you familiar with much colonial-style building which will be the highlight of the trishaw riding journey.

  • Appreciate the glory of Aung San- Founding father of modern Myanmar

Kids are always curious to dig history. Channelize their excitement in the right direction by taking them to the General Aung San Museum, which portrays the story of General Aung San- the founding father of modern Myanmar, the one who was responsible for Burma’s independence from British rule. The museum is located in the house of Aung San where he used to live with his family.

  • Elephant Museum is also an ideal place for kids to build up their IQ

Elephants and Myanmar locals, both shared a strong relationship from the past. And the newly opened elephant museum is a living example of their bond, which creates a buzz in the Myanmar tourism industry and gets the attention of many tourists. A visit to this museum will educate your kids about the role of wild and working elephants in Myanmar’s periodic history. Your children will love this place!

Nevertheless, Yangon is the most fascinating land to discover in Myanmar, and with a bit of planning, there is plenty to keep the kids interested and entertained.

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