Camping is undoubtedly one of the unforgettable outdoor experiences you shouldn’t miss while on Tanzania safari. This is enjoyable by families and friends who are interested in bonding adventures. Camping safaris in Tanzania offer a remarkable experience of a lifetime, imagine spending a night in a tent, enjoy the roar of lions, the interesting bird songs, get together and relate over a camp fire.

When you think of Tanzania camping holiday tours, it is also important to take note of which items to consider on your packing list. A complete camping packing list should include camping gear such as waterproof tents, cooking gas, utensils, mattresses, tables, blankets, camping chair etc. Also, how you get to your dream camping destination is essential and that is why a rental car should be a must-book. Preferably, rent a car in Tanzania for your camping safaris with necessary camping gear.

We pride ourselves as the leading car hire company in arranging the most affordable camping safaris in Tanzania. Here we present to you 6 best rental cars in Tanzania for your next camping safari.

  • Camper Van
  • Camper Cruiser
  • Safari Land Cruiser
  • Land Cruiser Prado
  • Safari Van

Safari Van

Book a Safari Van rental for all your camping safaris in Tanzania and have the best of this beautiful country. We have the best Safari Vans for hire-a mid-sized with capacity of 8pax, all comfortably accommodated with their cargo. Our Safari Vans are suitable for group and family camping safaris in Tanzania. They come remarkable features including AC, Pop-up roof, adjustable seats etc.

Toyota Rav4

4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a budget rental car suitable for all camping safaris in Tanzania. It is the best choice if you are looking at affordable camping tour or traveling in Tanzania as a couple. This is spacious, affordable SUV with capability to tackle the different terrains.

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado is of no doubt the one of the famous and most rented car for not only camping safaris in Tanzania but also for game viewing safaris in Tanzania national parks, leisure road trips, business trips. This has a capacity of 5pax that can comfortably fitted and luggage also has room. It is perfect for couples or friends traveling in a group of 5.

Camper Cruiser

A camper cruiser is another best rental car you should consider hiring when it comes to camping safaris in Tanzania. This comes with a roof top tent and no need to carry extra tent.

Safari Land Cruiser

Rent a Safari Land Cruiser-4×4 a perfect choice if you plan to go off road. Our Safari Land Cruisers don’t know what terrains are making them the best to hire for camping safaris in Tanzania. We have the best customized Land Cruisers with a fully functioning AC, freezer box, pop up roof and adequate room for legs and cargo, plus camping gear.

Camper Van

Camper Van is stands out as the most famous rental car holidaymakers use for camping safaris in Tanzania. It is a mid-sized rental car equipped with FM radio, fridge, inbuilt stove, beds etc. This is slightly expensive compared to other rental cars but it is worth hiring as you are guaranteed of total comfort and safety on the road trip.

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