The Eureka Sunrise EX

The Sunrise EX Series is a hybrid dome style tent available in 3 sizes. It offers a unique shape that adds extra vertical space and a wide assortment of convenience features to make your camp even more comfortable. Windows on all sides provide 360-degree views. The Sunrise EX Series is equipped with additional poles, that pop the tent walls up and out to maximize headroom so you can easily stand inside. The Sunrise EX comes with an array of comfort based features to enhance your camping experience. It is also compatible with the camp comfort sleep system. Bags, pads and tent floors that work together for a no-slip sleep experience. The Sunrise EX low profile dome design is perfect for the variable weather, wind, and on-the-go trips.

Midori Camp

The Midori 4 and Midori 6 have all the superior qualities of the smaller lightweight versions but with a base camp feel featuring two large doors with easy side entry. The Midori tents feature V3 Enhanced Venting Systems for maximum airflow and usable space in the vestibules. They are compatible with the camp comforts sleep system, bag pads and tent floors that work together for a no-slip sleep experience. They also have internal pockets and a gear loft for natural access items. The Midori 4 and Midori 6 are ideal options for days on the trail with accommodating space for surefire comfort.

Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome

The Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome is a spacious and stable dome, I should say one of the best camping tent available in the market, ideal for car campers or weekend trips. Quick and easy to erect the tent provides a relaxed and comfortable accommodation. Featuring Coleman’s revolutionary fastpitch technology the Fastpitch Instant Dome is effortless to pitch in just 1 minute. Durable fiberglass and steel poles are pre-attached to a central hub. This unique spider-like frame means the poles can be quickly clicked into place and your home is ready to go in less than 60 seconds. Remove the tent from the bag the tent fabric will be pre-attached to the poles. Lift, and then the leg poles will all play out. Liftover each of the four leg poles you’ll hear a click when they are correctly in place. Fold out the front ridge pole this is marked clearly with red and place it in the last webbed pole pocket. Lift up the central hub and extend the foreleg poles until you hear another click and the silver buttons locate the poles. Close the door if it’s open then peg out the four corners of the tent tensioning as you go. Peg out the guidelines following the lines of the poles for correct positioning and pegging at 45 degrees per extra wind resistance. Insert the metal strips into the window channels to form the self-rolling windows. These are color-coded with a dot on the metal strip that matches the channel end. Once pitched the Fastpitch Instant Dome has a large interior that is ideal for accommodating a family or group of friends.

Multiple mesh windows allow plenty of light into the tent while simultaneously offering excellent airflow for a comfortable interior temperature and a reduced risk of condensation. Innovative self-rolling window covers make it easy to quickly find the perfect balance of light and privacy once inside. The tent is made from durable taffeta and polyester mesh fabrics, that immediately stand up to the exertions of life outdoors while a lightweight fly sheet with a 600 mm hydrostatic head that protects from any unexpected showers. A smart mesh panel under the door gusset prevents pooling of water in the event of rain. The tents advanced hybrid pole structure features lightweight fiberglass at the top and durable steel at the bottom. This tent offers an ideal balance of low weight and high strength in windy conditions.

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