When it comes to one of the most legendary places on the globe, where mystery and adventure, scandal, and tragedy still stain and pervade the atmosphere, you simply cannot overlook Egypt. Donkey and mule-pulled carts will share the roads and streets with luxury vehicles, economically struggling families will beg for vacationers and tourists to stay in their homes. Even after hundreds of years, most of the civilisation in Egypt is centered entirely around the vast, ever-shifting and changing waters of the great Nile river. The population is most dense around the Mediterranean delta region, where you can find the cities of Alexandria, Cairo and Port Said.

Some of the most popular attractions for tourists, are of course the enormous pyramids of Giza, the tombs, statues and monuments, and various hundreds of ancient historical landmarks located up and down the Nile. Not only are the historical points of interest in Egypt beautiful, and a much sought after attraction for vacationers and tourists, but there are also snorkelers, and divers who travel from all over the globe to see the various assortment of exotic underwater life off of Sinai’s coast.

For the fashionable shoppers, and tourists, there is the city of Alexandria, which is directly across the river from Europe, and is also known as the sister city of Cairo. For travelers and visitors seeking a variety of cultures, languages, fashion and cuisine, Alexandria is highly recommended. In norther Egypt tourists will find both the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens, where the world’s oldest tombs can be found, which also includes the tomb of the recently discovered King Tut.

Tourists are advised to visit Egypt through winter months, when temperatures are the most pleasant, although it can be chilly at night, and the coastal areas tend to get fairly rainy. Egyptian natives will also respect those visitors who acquaint themselves with local customs; for example, women who wear shorts or short sleeves are frowned upon, but tolerated, however, under no circumstances should a woman wear such clothes inside a mosque. It would be seen as highly insulting and inappropriate. Female tourists should also bring a scarf for their head if they plan to visit mosques.

When using taxis to get around in Cairo, or other large cities, — driving is not recommended, — it is important for travelers to remember that taxis who park alongside hotels are more expensive than those that are called in from the street, and the rates during the day are much cheaper than those at night. Taxis are available at any time, day or night, but night prices are higher, and taximeters are seldom accurate, so travelers also must be careful to pay attention to their own rates as they travel. For travelers and tourists who are not in a hurry to get from place to place, buses are recommended instead; it’s slow going usually, but buses are air-conditioned, and fairly reliable. Not to mention, they also charge a flat rate. However, for the most reliable, clean and cheap transportation, most recommend the metro systems, in the inner-city areas of Cairo.

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