Wild South Africa

Ever since South Africa had its own democratic elections back in 1994, there has been more and more interest in seeing what all the fuss about. What visitors to South Africa will discover are lush forests, jungle atmospheres, friendly natives welcoming all different people, cultural tapestries of diverse ethnicity, wildlife preserves and national parks, safekeeping the treasured wildlife that is so precious to the nation itself. Many people do not actually realize how much of South Africa remains unexplored, and untouched by the hands of man, while at the same time, the economy and social structure has been developing to compete with many different countries’ economies. There have been advances in industry as well as natural preservation in South Africa, and the natives to the country are growing stronger as a people because of it.
The various attractions in South Africa can be educational, fun, and awe inspiring for families, couples, and even individuals who came to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Take a tour the South Africa’s most recent national park, opened only recently in June 2007, Mokala Natural Park, and discover a kaleidoscope of flora and fauna.
Visit the various Natural Botanical Gardens of South Africa, where amongst tropical rare flora, you can find the giant legendary Baobab trees.
The Northern Cape in South Africa, is where the famous small town is located; famous for the enormous Southern Africa Large Telescope, which is expected to draw in many astronomy oriented tourists.

Several tourists also love interacting with the rich cultural history of South Africa. There are over 500 different museums in South Africa, dedicated to just that. Here are few of the best:

  • The National Cultural History Museum, Pretoria
  • Transvaal Museum of Natural History, Pretoria.
  • The South African National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg
  • The National Museum and the Anglo-Boer War Museum in Bloemfontein.

The cuisine found in South Africa varies from the popular to the traditional. Most of South African traditional foods were at one time based on a wide variety of grains, wild game, fruits and vegetables, but when the country became more and more industrialised, the general dishes of South Africa fused together popular eats, and cultural cooking. Some of the popular traditional foods that tourists will most likely encounter while in South Africa are breads and porridges made from “mealie-meal” which is a type of maize, or corn flour, Ostrich meat, ground, or made into various steaks and stews, much like beef. There’s also Amasi, which is sour milk, chutney, a sweet sauce made from fruits and vegetables and served over meat, and Bunny Chow; which is hollowed out bread, stuffed with curry.

Transportation in South Africa has undergone some very sophisticated development; most visitors will be surprised at the ease in which they can travel freely. There are car rental agencies, where those so inclined can even rent off-road vehicles for trips through the bush. There are also regional and extended trips that many can take by bus, taxis, and a good number of airports for regional and international travel. Visitors can also take advantage of modern railway services as well. One of the most popular resorts in South Africa is Singita; finding anything to top their establishment is going to be a struggle. There are many different lodgings; such as five star resorts, rustic safari or game lodges, camping grounds, local hotels, and bed and breakfast establishments.

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