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Rwanda is a landlocked country located in the east African region. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa. This country has so much to overcome in the about two decades ago as it was really in turmoil whereby it was affected by the civil wars of the 1950s and 1994 which claimed very many people’s lives and left panic and fear among the ones that survived. Fortunately enough, Rwanda and its people have recovered from the past and now it is a newly born state with maximum peace and smiles from the natives.

Leaving alone the history, Rwanda has a lot to offer to its visitors, this is a country that is dubbed as a land of a thousand of hills. This country has very many hills painted with green vegetation cover in all its corners that give a good scenic view to the onlookers. These wonderful hills and vegetation harbor lots of wildlife that are rare to see in other places. This is why very many people have come to Rwanda to discover, explore and enjoy the hidden natural wonders in the forested hills.

Tour operators have taken this opportunity with a firm grab by organizing Rwanda safari tours to make people enjoy the flora and fauna in their natural setting with getting comfort, safety and reliance. A safari in Rwanda basically involves visiting the various national parks and other tourist sites in Rwanda.

Rwanda has got three major national parks for its visitors to enjoy. One of them is the volcanoes national park in Ruhengeri in the north east of the country. This is the home to one of the most sought after animals in the world the mountain gorillas. There are less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world and volcanoes national park has about 320 mountain gorillas which means it has almost a third of the world’s population. Mountain gorillas are amazing animals to watch in their natural setting. These animals are so intelligent and their social behaviors are very interesting to observe. Hanging out with the mountain gorillas in their natural setting is a dream come true. So if you have not done so better get yourself a trip to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas better they get extinct.

Rwanda also has Nyungwe forest national park one of the largest montane forests in Africa. This is the home of primates. It has 13 different primate species and some of them include the chimpanzees, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus and grey cheeked mangabey among other. Other attractions in Nyungwe is the canopy walk whereby the visitors are able to take a walk offering them an aerial view of the forest on an elevated trail of above 50 meters above the ground.

The land of hills also has Akagera National Park which is the oldest national park in Rwanda. It is located in the southeastern part of the country. This is the home to the common exotic animals in Rwanda. It has herds of buffaloes, elephants, zebras, giraffes, a lion was introduced and the rhinos are in contention. This is a park where one can enjoy a game drive on safari vehicle as he/she looks at different animals running and feeding around the park.

While in Rwanda, you can choose to visit one of the national parks or visit all of them and enjoy the natural attractions. It is very exciting to take on a Rwanda safari as it gives you an everlasting sweet dream.