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Africa is one of the best travel destinations where you can enjoy unrivaled experiences. In Africa, you will find a lot of forests that are home to a wide array of flora and fauna, deserts with scotching sun that witness some of the most dangerous sand storms and a wide array of historical and cultural landmarks that bear testimony to the changing fortunes of the continent. A single trip to the African continent is not adequate to explore the continent; it requires many tours to see the major Africa tourist sites that range from renowned safari parks like Masai Mara, Kruger, Serengeti, Chobe to amazing off the beaten path destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable Foest National Park, Gombe, etc. Some of the top tourist sites of Africa (visit www.africatourismguide.com for a complete listing)  are;

  • Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/ Zambia,
  • Obudu Ranch in Nigeria,
  • Anse Lazio in Seychelles,
  • Ingall in Niger,
  • Cape Town in South Africa,
  • Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  • Masai Mara in Kenya.

The Anse Lazio in Seychelles is one of the finest beaches of Africa and even of the world in general. From finest sand and lush surroundings to clear turquoise-blue water and lovely granite borders, this beach destination has it all to make your vacation memorable. It is the most popular beach in Seychelles, add this to your basket of tourist site selections, you will forever remember your visit to this natural antique.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/ Zambia is one of the most popular natural wonders of the world and countless number of tourists from all over the world visits the site every year. The spray of the waterfall is amazing and makes you feel that you are in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. The experience of visiting the Victoria Falls cannot be expressed in words; you have to come to the site and experience the magic of Victoria Falls.

Now, If your interest is in the indigenous culture of the African continent, then do not forget to visit the Ingall in Niger. Located on one corner of the Sahara Desert, it is the site, where the Touareg and the Fulani nomads come together every year for once a week. This is the ideal time to witness their dance, costumes, culture and music. This particular event is called the’ Cure Salee’.

Again, it will be incomplete for you to end up your vacation in Africa without paying a warm visit to the Nigerian great Obudu Ranch. Obudu Ranch is a decent home to many African wildlife, birds etc. If you are probably coming with your children, you must have in mind that they will always ask for a revisit of this wonderful and memorable tourist site, located away in a very peaceful and serene environment in the heart of Nigeria, in West Africa.

We now proceed to the eastern side of Africa to the country called Gabon, which is sometimes referred to as “a haven for wildlife”. Gabon houses a lot of unimaginable tropical beaches and scenes, where elephants, whales, dolphins, hippos graze and swim around in total freedom. Some of the great tourist sites in Gabon includes, Loango, Lope (the home of gorillas) and many others.

The Loango Park is possibly one of the most outstanding wildlife destinations in African and the world as a whole. It conserves miles of unspoiled beaches fringed by freshwater lagoons and dense equatorial forest. At the Loango Park, you will see hippos, buffalo, leopards, elephants and gorillas walk along the sand, just as natural as you may think of.

If you love nature and the primates, don’t miss to pay a visit to the Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National park in Uganda, Virunga National Park in Congo (former Zaire), Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Lope park in Gabon. Bwindi, Mgahinga and PNV offer the best locations for mountain gorilla trekking, while Congo and Gabon are the best places to see the lowland gorillas. You will be amazed at the sight of different species of primates, both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, mandrills and other species of monkey. Also expect to see beautiful singing and colorful birds.

We now take a journey to the Southern part of Africa, where South Africa is situated. Cape Town in South Africa is a good representative of the modern and progressive Africa. Anyone who visits the city falls in love with it for many reasons, which cannot just be expressed by mere written words. The city boast of a table-shaped mountain smack in its middle, and it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches and world class vineyards.

Northern part of Africa, is another wonderful tourist destination, it is the part where modern technology and mathematics seem to evolve, it serves as the world’s first center for learning, research and development. Any tour of Africa is incomplete without Egypt; it is the home to the Pyramids of Giza, the only extant Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. The whole site comprises of over 2 million blocks of stone weighing in at over 2 tonnes each, a very perfect architectural display. It was built to honor the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu in 2650BC.

Returning back to East Africa, we now take a look at the world home for Antelopes and mountains, Kenya. Masai Mara, Kenya is the place for you, if you are obsessed with wildlife. The ideal time to visit the place is during the period between July and October. It is the only place in the world, where you can witness the spectacle of migration of more than a million wild beasts from a hot-air balloon. The place offers unparalleled glimpses of wildlife, especially gigantic and terrifying Antelopes, so do not forget to visit the place when you visit Africa.

But then, that is not all, travel sites in Africa are inexhaustible and there are numerous other breathtaking tourist sites scattered throughout the continent.