Mountain climbing is one of the most exciting things to do on a vacation. Mountain climbing is a rather rigorous fun filled activity and one that gives you a unique feeling of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day life. If you are planning to go for mountain climbing on your coming vacation, try climbing Mt Aconcagua in Chile.

Aconcagua is arguably the highest mount in both Northern and Southern parts of America, scaling up to approximately 6,950m. It belongs to a series of mountains referred to as ‘The Andes Mountain Range’. There is a lot to see taking into consideration that this mountain is a part of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. Being a part of the Provincial Park makes it a well regulated tourist site with security and most, if not all, forms of help that a tourist might require.

The summit is located about 15km from the Chile international border and five kilometers away from San Juan Province. Mt Aconcagua has a crown of beauty, which is a common feature with high mountains, glaciers. The largest glaciers on this summit are ‘Ventisquero de las vacas sur’ and ‘Este Relinchos’. They both stretch out a distance of about 5km. Glaciers are a very exciting scenery and they provide an aesthetic background for photography. Commercial ads and film scenes can be shot at one of the glaciers located on this mountain. You are sure to enjoy every moment of the climb, although there are some challenges pertaining weather. But hey, what on earth is more exciting than tackling a solvable challenge? This mountain is usually branded as a ‘non-technical’ mountain. This is associated with climbing ease whereby tools like axes, pins and ropes are not necessary. Climbing Mt Aconcagua is very efficient, it is like taking a walk in the park, compared to climbing other stiff, rocky and high mountains. This explains why there is a 60% success rate. However, climbing is efficient only when you approach the mountain from the north route. The ‘Polish Glacier’ route is reportedly the friendliest path.

As stated earlier, weather is a big challenge, it is therefore good to prepare in advance and carry heavy clothing that will keep you warm. The temperature goes down to -15 degrees Celsius at night. The most preferable time to tour this site is in summer, between the months of December and March. Some people might develop height sickness due to the level of altitude they are subjected to. The atmospheric pressure at the peak is about 40 percent that experienced at sea-level. This results to a very great pressure difference between your blood vessels and the environment, great precautions should therefore be taken. All said and done, the Aconcagua Mountain is a must climb mountain. You can check out for organized expeditions and trekking on this mountain and book your space.

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