If you are a globetrotter and enjoy adventurous sports while traveling around the world, a windsurfing holiday is the best to consider as it brings an adrenaline rush and lots of excitement. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before booking a windsurfing holiday. Maintaining the guidelines is pivotal as it can make a huge difference between traveling in the dreams and facing disappointment. If you are new to this sport, the gear and equipment available can be confusing at times. This happens especially because there are different models of surfing boards and gears. The issue becomes more confusing when manufacturers compete with each other to meet customer satisfaction.

Discerning the types of windsurfing boards

There are three categories of windsurfing boards – shortboards, mid-length boards, and longboards. The edges are generally blurred, but a shortboard can be taken depending on the preferences. Longboards are good for sailing even in light winds; however, become bouncy, and thus, getting control over it is a bit difficult if the conditions are windy. As the area of the boards is spacious, more wind is captured for which the issue is confronted. Keeping this in mind, experienced windsurfers prefer shorter boards as they are more controllable and maneuvering becomes easy. Due to the shortness of the area, the boards become faster than longer ones, and thus, the experience becomes more exciting. You can also choose to customize the board from a windsurf shop.

Windsurf sails

Windsurfers generally prefer 5.5 to 6.3 meters when it comes to sailing size. However, if the strength of wind increases and power and pull gradually rises. This also depends on your personal strength and bodyweight. A sailor who is stronger and heavier can easily control a bigger sail even if the winds are stronger. The sailing and windsurfing are done through a complete synchronization of bodyweight, strength with a harness, and balance against the wind’s force. However, if the force of the wind is immense, any sailor is bound to switch to a smaller sail.


The type of wetsuit completely depends on the location of windsurfing. Even in the hottest summers, the chill of wind with the combination of repeated immersion in water easily cools down your body quickly. Therefore, proper protection is important, and in such cases 2.5 to 3mm wetsuits are perfect. The best thing is, you may hardly even notice that the suit is on your body. Branded windsurf gears are achievable from windsurfing shop.

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