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Our mission is to create an internationally accessible resource for active travelers to find the best destinations, things to do, things to see and where to stay around the world.

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Quick Saving Ideas for a Vacation in India

India is among those countries where the celebrations never stop. With a mix of people, culture, traditions and rituals matched with an urban setup...

What to Know About Desert Hiking

A desert can be defined as a region having an annual rainfall or precipitation less than ten inches or a region where evaporation rate...

11 Things You Have to Do When You Visit Uganda

Uganda is one of the best travel destinations in Africa. Always referred to as the "Pearl of Africa", Uganda is an amazing destination that...

Questions to Ask for a Stress Free Car Rental

Picking up your hire car can be stressful: you'll be faced with paperwork and you may might have a queue of people behind you....

Popular Destinations

Road Tripping Uganda – Best Places To Go Hiking In Uganda

Planning a road trip to Uganda? There are a number of car rental Uganda companies who are willing to serve/meet all your self-drive needs...

Best Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa is a country of varied cultures, stunning scenery, dazzling beaches and intriguing wildlife. My journey here was an unforgettable experience. I can only...

Singapore: a Destination for Every Traveler

Singapore is metropolitan city-state had a lot more tricks up its sleeve. It seems that whatever your traveling style, they have something that fits...

Best Places to Visit in Prague

Prague, the largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic was our choice of destination for Greg, my husband and I. What endeared...




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