Vingio Park

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If you’re in need of a longer run and a leafy retreat, head west of Old Vilnius to Vingio Park. These storied 160 hectares of forested parkland on the Neris River date back to the 16th century. Rumor has it that in 1812 Russian Tsar Alexander I was here when he learned of Napoleon’s Northern invasion (and don’t forget what happened to the Little General on that endeavor). These days, Vingio is known mostly for concerts, gatherings, and political rallies.

The park is two kilometers west of Town Hall Plaza. At the time of writing there was no bus or tram access to the area, but the park was reachable from both the Old and New City.


*APPROACH 1: (See first image under "Route Images)
Start from the city walls at the intersection of Pylimo and Kalinausko Gatves and follow Kalinausko, later Ciurlionio Gatve, all the way out of town. You’ll pass the world’s only Frank Zappa Monument on your way (1.15 mi / 1.85 km).

*APPROACH 2: (See second map under "Route Images") Start at Vilnius Cathedral. Head to the end of Gedimino Prospektas, cross the Neris River, and continue to the end of Mickerviciaus Gatve. Make a right, and follow the river path to a large bridge. Cross the bridge to get to Vingio’s main entrance (3.11 km / 1.93 mi).

Once you’re in Vingio, the paths are asphalt, and dirt, and all your own. Take a loop around the park, or delve in further to enjoy the shade of the trees. At some point, you may pass the concert grounds and Vingis Stadium, but other than that the park is mostly made up of kids playing, families strolling, and people running. Have fun, and use the bridge railings to stretch your hamstrings when you finish.