St. Charles River

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Quebec has historically been a strategic outpost, for it sits on the banks of not one, but two rivers. This other river, the St. Charles, heads north and west from the city center. There is another a great bicycle path that runs along these banks, and a gravel path just next to it has been laid specifically for runners and walkers. This long, flat run will allow you to take in the quieter sides of Quebec City.

Like Run #2, this run starts and ends at the Marché du Vieux Port. However, with your back to the market you will turn right, instead left, and follow the bike path away from the old city. The first half-mile of the route is a bit industrial, but is perfectly ruinable. Once past it you find the shores of the St. Charles, and you'll have clean running for as long as you care to go. Our out-and-back route takes you as far as Parc Victoria, but there's plenty of trail to be had after that.


  1. Start your run at the Marché du Vieux Port.
  2. With your back to the market, turn right and follow the bike path north.
  3. The bike path will take you north and west to the St. Charles' waters. Continue straight on the path.
  4. You can turn around whenever you like. We picked Parc Victoria as our turnaround point. 
  5. Turn around, and return to the start point. End your run.