Bois Vincennes

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On the east side of Paris is the Bois de Vincennes. This park is smaller than Bois de Boulogne, but still three times larger than Central Park in New York and almost four times larger than Hyde Park in London. Bois de Vincennes is home to several sports venues, including a hippodrome for horse races and a velodrome for cyclists. It also has a fully equipped zoo, a flower park, a Buddhist temple, and the George-Ville's Farm (a children's agricultural exhibit). Finally, the Bois de Vincennes also has many lakes, most of which you will see along this route.


  1. Start your run at the Port de Charenton metro stop. With your back to the metro exit, you will be facing a street called Porte de Reuilly (you may also see signs for Boulevard Poniatowski - it's the same street).
  2. Turn left down Porte de Reuilly, and take your first right onto Place du Cardinal Lavigerie.
  3. Angle left onto Route de la Croix Rouge, and follow it towards Île de Bercy. 
  4. Turn left on Avenue Daumesnil. Follow this street into the park until you reach Esplanade Saint-Louis (1.7mi / 3km).
  5. Turn right at Esplanade Saint Louis and continue on this road to Avenue des Minimes. Stay straight on Avenue des Minimies until you reach Avenue du Tremblay (2.5 mi /  4km). 
  6. Turn right on Avcnue du Tremblay. Make another right in .1 mi (.15 km) at Route du Champ de Manoeuvre. Follow this street until you reach the first roundabout (3.1mi / 5km).
  7. Stay straight across the roundabout at Route de la Faluère. Take this road straight until you reach Alle des Buttes (4mi / 6.8km).
  8. Continue straight until you reach Avenue de Gravelle. Turn right on Avenue de Gravelle (4.3 mi / 7 km). 
  9. Follow Avenue de Gravelle until you reach Route de Reuilly (5 mi/8.1km). 
  10. Follow Route de Reuilly back to the Route de la Croix Rouge and Place du Cardinal Lavigerie (5.56 mi/ 9km).
  11. Go straight through Lavigerie; turn left at Porte de Reuilly. End your run at Port de Charenton metro stop.