Norway's capital is famous for its Viking history, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies, and a museum honoring Edvard Munch (think "The Scream"). It is rich in politics, rich in culture, and very definitely rich in money.  That's why running Oslo is such an important part of your Nordic travels - it's affordable! If you're working with a tight budget, going for a run in Oslo is the perfect way to see the city, enjoy the gorgeous views, and keep some krone in your pocket. Be careful to financially plan for the rest of your trip, however. At the time of research a bottle of water cost 4 U.S. dollars. An apple? 2.5 USD. A cup of coffee to help with the jetlag? 4.25 USD. But a morning run along the Akerselva River? Priceless. So don't ditch your running shoes for this trip. Stick them in your pack, or toss them in someone else's, and be sure to build in time between the Viking Museum and the Slottet to lace up those shoes and go! 

Watch Out For: 
  • Saturday Morning Walk of Shame: If Friday night is the night to be out on the town, what does that make Saturday morning? The day after. Watch out for everything that comes with the day after, including where you step when you're running.
  • Torp Airport: If BTG hasn't stressed it enough, Oslo is expensive. While there are many ways to save money, flying into Torp isn't one of them. You will spend just as much as you would have spent flying into Oslo's main airport by getting from Torp to the city, and it will take an extra hour and a half one way! 
  • Sunday Runday: While Saturday's streets are empty, Sunday's are packed. This is the city's obligatory walking tour day. (This BTG researcher is still not sure what was meant by "obligatory," but more than one Oslo resident described Sunday as the "obligatory walking tour day").

Did you know?  Most Oslo residents take Saturdays off from working out because Friday night is the big night out for Norwegian party-goers. You might only see 10-20 walkers/runners in an hour on the river running path on a Saturday. Sunday is a different story. Some Oslo residents consider Sunday an obligatory walking tour day, and the entire city will be out and about!