New York, NY

New York City has it all. Fantastic restaurants, hotels and bars for all budgets, and a fashion scene that will make your jaw drop. They don't call it "The City That Never Sleeps" for nothing! At all times you can see New Yorkers (and transplants) shopping, eating, dancing, singing, and yes, running too!

To get a full New York experience you should start your day with a run around Central Park, grab brunch on the Upper West Side, fight your way through Times Square, pick up some Broadway Tickets at the TKTS stand (see "Cutting Corners") and head down to SoHo or Greenwich Village for some fabulous shopping. Don't forget to spend a mile walking down 5th Avenue at the bottom of Central Park. Hop on the subway back to Midtown and catch a Broadway show followed by a slice of late night pizza or New York-style cheesecake. And still, The City will be abuzz. You can feel the energy 24 hours a day. Expect to have an extra kick in your step when running in Manhattan!

A few tips for each BTG run: Run #1 is in Central Park. As long as you keep the lampposts on your outside, you will be following the Outer Loop of Central Park. When you pass the reservoir, you can run a lap around it, and then head back onto the Outer Loop! Run #2 is around the Southern Tip of Manhattan. If you are staying near Wall Street or Battery Park City, this is the easiest route. Just follow the river. Run #3: If you are staying in midtown or on the Upper West Side, you should be sure to run Central Park AND Riverside Park. If you just head all the way west you will reach the Hudson River. Follow the running path along the Hudson and you will be just fine!

Remember, while here, your top priority is to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Running is a huge part of New York City culture, so don't feel guilty taking time away from your typical sightseeing to go for a nice long run. It is one of the best ways to get a tour of Manhattan!

Watch Out For: 
  • Cyclists, rollerbladers and dog walkers, especially when running in Central Park. There isn't much green space in NYC, so there's a constant battle for who owns the turf. 
  • Darkness. Do not run Central Park or Riverside Park after dark.
  • Addresses. Don't try and give a cab driver an address. You need to know cross streets in New York. Saying "200 Columbus Avenue" isn't going to get you far. Be sure to know cross streets before you head to a destination.