Louisville, KY

A state better known for its bourbon and fried chicken may not rank high on the active travel agenda. But Louisville, Kentucky has been called "one of the most underrated cities in the U.S," and this distinction stretches to the fitness realm. Runners will be pleasantly surprised by the pristine pedestrian path that stretches along the Ohio's southern bank, and the peaceful terrain of Cherokee Park is a fabulous river-run alternative. Post-run, the city's sense of accommodation and hospitality will help revive your energy. From there the party's on - head to Louisville's nonstop outdoor country music festival, Fourth Street Live, or escape to La Grange for a suave and swanky alternative atmosphere.

Watch Out For: 
  • Heat Index: If you're in Louisville in the summer, it's not enough to quickly check the forecasted highs before heading out of your house. The city's high humidity means that the temperature often feels a lot hotter than it actually is.
  • Street Concerts: Fourth Street Live really is like a country-music festival that takes place every day. Come evening, the area gets pretty crowded pretty quickly. Unless you're running early in the morning, it can be tough to run through here.
  • Unmarked Borders: Indiana is just across the Ohio River. Should you "Add it on!" to Run #1 and cross the Clark Memorial Bridge, you will hit a new state.