Montenegro (Црна Гора – Crna Gora) should be a must-stop on any active travel itinerary. This country is home to both the towering Black Mountains and the blue depths of Europe’s southernmost fjord, making it a seductive stopping point for open-minded adventurers. Nestled in the heart of this breathtaking scene is quaint and quiet Kotor. With its centuries-old alleyways, its fantastic hilltop fortress, its delicious daily market and its spectacular surroundings, this is hands-down the place to make your Montenegrin base.

You admittedly won’t find a lot of runners here. In tourist season the town becomes a port where passengers on yachts and cruise ships stop and stretch their legs. Out of season Kotor’s residential population is only 14,000, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a runner among them. Therefore, take extra caution when setting off down the street at a steady clip – cars and buses careen along these coastal roads, and they are not expecting to encounter people in their paths. Pick your running times and locations wisely, however, and you will have a transformative workout experience.

Watch Out For: 
  • Cars and Drivers: Small spaces and crazy drivers make for stomach-turning times in any vehicle. And that’s just in the parking lot!
  • Boat People: A breed recognizable by their little white hats and a shaky, disoriented gait. They get this from spending days on the water and then suddenly disembarking from their yachts or cruise ships. Don’t run into them.
  • Absolute Breathtaking Beauty: Kotor won BTG’s Most-Unexpectedly-Beautiful-Running-Location for 2009. The mountains, fjords, and seas rival anything we ever saw in New Zealand.

Did you know? Montenegro is one of the newest countries in Europe. It formally declared its independence from Serbia in 2006.

Swimmer's Delight! If your joints have undergone a beating during your travels, take the time to do some no-impact training here by going for a swim. The Bay of Kotor can be cold on the surface, but there is a pleasantly warm undercurrent. Along the north coast there are also some good diving piers where you can keep your distance from the larger boats.