Cannes may be a small city, but it has built an international reputation as the host of the world's most renowned film festival, as the favorite retreat of the world's most beautiful people, and as the social capital of, well, if not the world, definitely Europe. But there are still secrets galore to discover among this old town's ancient streets and along her winding coast. One of those secrets is Cannes' fantastic array of outdoor activities. On any given day you can windsurf the Mediterranean, bicycle the roads along the Côte d'Azur, or hike any one of the Alpine trails surrounding the town.

There are plenty of ways to stay active and stay in town too. By far the best thing to do is run Cannes' unforgettable coastline. This is pretty easy to do. An extensive waterfront path stretches from the eastern edge of town along La Croisette, Cannes' famous seaside boulevard, and continues on to the western edges of the city. This stretch makes for a perfect out-and-back oceanfront jaunt. If you're looking to escape the glitz and glamour of the seaside, the Île Sainte-Marguerite is another popular running area. It is just half a mile off shore, and can easily be reached by ferry.

Watch Out For: 
  • Movie Stars: Cannes is a playground for the world's rich and famous. It's hard to walk down the street without passing actors, singers, and producers of some of the world's best movies and music. However, BTG recommends doing your running and people watching separately - too much rubbernecking while you're cruising down the road will make you trip and fall.
  • Stormy Waters: Cannes may look calm and beautiful from those postcard-perfect Cote d'Azur photos, but be forewarned: in stormy times the wind whips strongly along the coast. When it does, the seas will splash high and onto the boardwalk along La Croisette. Tread carefully when that happens to ensure you don't slip.
  • The Time: Cannes outlying islands, like the Île Sainte-Marguerite, are the perfect places to escape the world. But even if you're slowly separating yourself from reality, do keep one eye on the time. You need to make sure you're on the last ferryboat out of there.

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