Burlington Waterfront and Bikeway (Island Line Trail)

Map data courtesy OpenStreetMap.org

This extensive path stretches north and south along the Lake Champlain waters. It is kept clear of traffic so that the city's bikers, rollerbladers, and runners have a place to get in a beautiful workout. This route will take you past scenic vistas of Burlington's harbor, lake, and Adirondack Mountains. There are public restrooms at the head of the trail, and water fountains located intermittently along the path.

Your run starts and ends at the end of College Street in the center of town. There are many parking lots for those who need to take a vehicle to get to the trailhead. You can run either north or south along the lake, but the path stretches further to the north, so we suggest going that way. Once you start running, you can get enough miles under your legs to cover a half marathon Or, you can simply use some of our checkpoints for a shorter out-and-back workout experience.


  1. Start your run at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, at the southern end of Waterfront Park.
  2. Head towards the water, and run north through the park along the lake. The water will be on your left as you go. 
  3. Keep running as far as you want. The trail continues for 5.15 mi (8.3 km). Use the following checkpoints to keep track of how far you run:
    1. end of Waterfront Park - .35 mi / .56 km
    2. North Beach Park - 1.55 mi / 2.5 km
    3. Leddy Park - 2.5 mi / 4 km
    4. Delta Park - 4.9 mi / 7.88 km
  4. The path ends on the north side of Delta Park. Turn around and return to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Waterfront Park.
  5. End your run.