All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner!'

Today the words of President John F. Kennedy continue to echo in the hearts and minds of Germany's populace, and that echo still reverberates throughout Berlin's shining streets. Divided city no longer, the capital of Europe's largest country is a fascinating mix of historical, political, and cultural wonder. But in addition to harboring graceful palaces, world-renowned antiquities museums, and legendary monuments from the twentieth century's wars, the city has become a twenty-first century center for excitement and innovation. While visiting town a traveler might often pause to ask herself, what is more interesting? The city's storied past, its creativity-rich present, or its bright future? No response is incorrect. No matter which way you approach her, Berlin is a treat for all visitors.

For runners, there is no better big city to visit in Europe. Berlin has a very large running culture and numerous locations throughout the city center that are frequented by its active and athletic population. You can run short or long in this town, and no matter what route you choose you will stumble upon stunning sights of historical import.

In order to make things simple, we've put together three routes that are concentrated in the Mitte, or central, area of Berlin. The first two routes will be best for those staying in the former East Berlin; the last route will be easily accessed by those in the west. If you need (or want) to run really long, you can easily connect a run along Unter den Linden (Run #2) to a loop around the Tiergarten (Run #1) and finish up with an out-and-back to Charlottenburg Palace (Run #3). For those staying on the outskirts of town, we've listed the U-Bahn (underground) and S-Bahn (overground) train stops that will get you to the runs' starts. Alternatively, check out our "Other Important Info" section for ideas on a run near you.

Watch Out For: 
  • Nice Cars: German drivers are pretty cautious compared to those in other European countries, and their cars are nicer too. Here Mercedes is like Ford and BMW is like Chevy, but doesn't mean that you can treat those cars casually. Steer clear of the sweet wheels; don't run into them and make a dent. 
  • Other Runners: There will be lots of them!!
  • Really . . . There's not that much to watch out for here. This is a great city to run.

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Did you know? During the Cold War, the eastern end of the Tiergarten was the border between East and West Beriin. The Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz formed the core of the no-man's zone between the two sections of the city. Today the same area annually hosts the country's reunification celebratioon, German Unity Day. On this day, October 3, thousands of citizens flock to the center of town to drink, dance, and listen to music.