Belgrade (Београд - Beograd) is Serbian for “White City”, and there are also some beautiful sites here just waiting to be discovered. Head over to Kalemegdan Citadel for a self-guided Race through History or escape past and present by running through Ada Ciganlija Park. Both routes are great ways to get in an unforgettable travel and fitness experience. Once you’ve had your workout, you’ll be in shape to take on the city’s suave nightlife.

Watch Out For: 
  • The City: While a portion of Belgrade’s population is physically-active, there are very definitive zones where one participates in sport (like in Ada Ciganlija Park). Outside of those areas don’t expect to see runners, and don’t expect cars and drivers to be looking out for you either.
  • Smoking: Everybody smokes. Everywhere. Sometimes they smoke right after their runs. Sometimes they smoke during.
  • Crowded Streets: When the weather is warm at night, everyone is out in cafes, on bar patios, and wandering around the streets. It’s a fantastic scene to watch, but no fun to run.

Did you know? Just going outside for a run gives you remarkable insight into Serbia’s recent relationship with the U.S. and EU. Rather prominent in Belgrade’s center are several building shells left from NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign.

Did you also know? Running on Tito: While in Belgrade check out the shrine to Yugoslavia’s most famous statesman, and don’t miss the running- related exhibit that goes with it. Carefully preserved are a few of the 22,000 relay running batons left from the annual Tito Day / Youth Day runs (left). From 1945- 1987 the holiday was observed on Tito’s birthday, May 25. In the weeks leading up to this celebration thousands – and even millions – of Yugoslav youth would run relays from town to town, and city to city, bearing intricate, artistic, rather heavy-looking batons. The beacons would be passed from one citizen to the next until they arrived at Belgrade Stadium and were presented to the General himself.