Active Partners

Are you ready to run the world, and be an Active Partner in the Blaze community? We are always on the lookout for individuals, clubs, and organizations with whom we can partner and whose cause we can support. Send us an email at, and let's run together!

Some of our favorite sites are below:


  • Jiwok: Ever wish you had a personal trainer coaching you through your headphones? Jiwok gives you great audio training to help you work hard and reach your goals. Download their training programs to improve your performance in 5Ks, 10Ks, and even marathons.

Blogs / Advice

  • The Runner's Trip: In a recent trip around the world, Sarah Lavender Smith reveled in the running / traveling experience. Her site provides key tips on everything a traveling runner needs to know.

Travel Resources

  • Everlater provides adventurers with travel-specific blogs that are easy to share with family and friends.