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Blaze Travel Guides is a resource created by active travelers for active travelers. Our goal? To ehlp you stay active while traveling. We provide information on where to run, bike, swim, hike, etc., when you’re on the road. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure we know that you don’t want to be stuck on a treadmill at the hotel when there is an inspiring park hiding somewhere nearby. We are here to get you to that park, around that park and back to your accommodations. And you might even learn something along the way.

We are dedicated to promoting healthy living, environmental awareness and international understanding. In the twenty-first century, these guiding principles are integral to driving individuals of all countries, backgrounds, and understandings to new heights, and key to making the world a better place. At Blaze we believe that as travelers, our connection to other cultures starts with our physical immersion in them. It starts with our first moment, our first breath, our first step out into the street. With that movement we open our hearts and our minds; we actively engage with the unknown.

With this in mind, we encourage our users to “Lace up and go!” By compiling a global resource of all the information travelers need to run, bicycle, swim, and be physically active while traveling, we are leading the way into a new era of travel and fitness. And we want you to have that inspiring active travel experience that you deserve. Blaze on, friends.

We weren’t kidding when we said that we have all of the routes, maps, statistics and cultural information you need in order to stay active while traveling. The only thing we don’t provide are the shoes! Here is a general guide to our guide:

  • Introduction - Running In “Destination”: The first page of a city includes general information about the running culture and what to expect when running in that city. There are usually some sweet pictures to go with it. 
  • Location Details: On the right side of the first page for a city you’ll find all of the site stats that you need to stay safe while running in that city. We provide you with everything from the primary language spoken and the current exchange rate to the popular running attire and the best running races and clubs in that city. 
  • Watch Out For: For every city we map we include information about the obstacles you may run into (or around) when heading out on a jaunt. We’ve seen it all, ranging from drunk people in Riga wobbling back to their accommodations at 7:00 a.m. to wild dogs in Kyiv hunting pedestrians in parks. More importantly, we can tell you how to avoid these hazards and have an inspiring run. 
  •  City Run #1, 2, 3: The runs that Blaze Travel Guides provide routes and information for are the must-do runs of each city. We usually provide you with a short and a long option. Generally, the first runs are the shorter and more accessible runs, and the second and third runs are for people who want to venture outside of the city for an inspriring active experience.
  • Run Statistics: The information on the right side of the page is where you'll find the quick "must-know" facts of each run. This includes Distance, what to Expect (whether the run is flat or hilly, croweded or open), the Best Time to Run it, and how hard it is to Navigate it.
  • Run Map: The map contains the simplified version of everything you need to just "lace up and go!" With checkpoints, arrows, start and stop points as well as metro stations nearby, these maps help you run the route and get to and from your hotel. Special shout out to for providing our templates.
  •  Run List Directions: These directions are a supplement to the maps. They provide users with right/left directions, distances between turns and checkpoints, and just the right amount of extra information so you can run and do some touring along the way.
  •  Checkpoints: Ever wonder if you're on the right path? Our checkpoints help assure users that they're headed in the right direction. They also provide users with historical and factual information about the incredible things they can expect to see when following a Blaze Travel Guides route.
  •  Add it on!: Want to do a few extra miles? "Add it on" tells you where to get those extra miles in.
  • …or don’t!: Not so keen on going further? Want to take a relaxing break? "...Or don't" suggests alternatives to running.
  • Sweet Rewards: What's better after a long run in Edinburgh than a healthy shot of Scotch? But how many calories are in it? If you want to know what to eat post-run, and learn more about what exactly you're eating, check out thst destination's "Sweet Rewards" section.
  • Cutting Corners: Blaze Travel Guides' budget travel section! Here we offer location-specific tips for how to conserve some coin while still fully experiencing your active travel destination of choice.
  • Phrasebook: There are some key phrases that active travelers need to know in every language. Want to know how to ask for "One bottle of still water, please"? Check the phrasebook.
  • More Information: Everything from the local hospital to the local pharmacy, the necessary information for a city is here.

Email us at and we will let you know if we have any information on the city we can share with you. If we do, we will be happy to send it your way. If we don't please let us know how your active adventure goes! Community feedback helps us decide which destinations we should feature on our site.

For the runner on the run, Blaze Travel Guides are available on Amazon as Kindle downloads. There you can purchase your desired destination and store it on your computer, e-reader, or smartphone. Regardless of where you are or whatever your Internet connection happens to be, you will then be able to easily access all the BTG information you see on our site.

For the runner on the run, Blaze Travel Guides are available in easily-accessible and portable versions. Just use the Kindle app on your e-reader, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, to purchase one of our "Running The World" e-guides from our Amazon store. The e-guides allow you to access the routes, maps, stats, and cultural information you need to safely run in destinations around the world regardless of whether you have Internet connectivity.

To download Blaze Travel Guides information onto your Kindle, click the "Travel Guides - Purchase Our Guides" button. Then just click on the Amazon Kindle button to be taken to our Amazon store where you can purchase the guides for your desired destinations.

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Blaze Travel Guides chapters can be read through the iPhone's Kindle application.

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There are so many ways that you can get involved:

  • Spread the word! We work hard to make sure you have the routes, maps, stats, and cultural information you need to stay active around the world. We would love you to help us ensure thatl your family / friends / coworkers / clients have the same.
  • Travel, Run, Write! - If you're a runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. headed out on a travel adventure, and you're interested in writing for Blaze Travel Guides please contact us at to find out how you can contribute content.
  • Blog! - We are always looking for traveling athletes to interview about races, runs, and other active traveling experiences. Contact us at to become a freelancing blogger for Blaze.
  • Provide Feedback! - It seems simple, but as a young startup company we are always looking for feedback. What do you like in our content? What do you wish we provided more of? What about our website is confusing? What about our website is totally awesome? Any suggestions and feedback you have are welcome. Please submit all comments to
  • Donate! We do have that blue Donate button in the corner of our website. If you've got a little extra coin you'd like to contribute to the active travel cause, you can do so via your PayPal account. We appreciate your support, and thank you for being an active part of our community!

With as many hits as we get per day, it's no wonder you want to advertise with us! Send us an e-mail at We can discuss our advertising packages as well as other options for you and your company to get involved with Blaze Travel Guides. We look forward to your inquiry.

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If you don't already have a PayPal account, please email us at and we can take your information personally.

Your donation goes directly towards keeping the information coming. If you'd like to see more cities, please feel free to request that your donation go specifically towards mapping that city.

Thank you for your generous donation! Active travelers around the world appreciate your gesture.

Blaze Travel Guides is running the world! We are running, cycling and swimming in places all over the world in order to provide you with the routes, maps, statistics and cultural information you need to stay active while traveling. In the next few months we anticipate adding many new destinations to our site. In addition to compiling over 50 guides for the best places to run in Europe, keep your eyes open for our active guides to destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, and even the South Pacific!

Additionally, we are working to improve the ways in which you can access Blaze content. In addition to perusing our site and downloading our e-guides to your electonic devices, we will be launching a PDF store where you can purchase, print, and then port your guides with you as you travel overseas.

Is there something you'd like to see that we haven't thought of? Send us an email at, and we'll work to accomodate your needs.